What to expect

What to expect during your alignment class

Alignment is a flexible class structure that offers options for practitioners of all levels, shapes, and sizes. Our certified teachers have the knowledge and experience necessary to cater your alignment to your body by using fundamental yogic principles, modifications, and props.

Key aspects of Yoga Alignment

Yoga Alignment teachers focus on two key aspects:

  • Functional: This type of alignment is concerned with the biomechanics of each muscle and joint, allowing your teacher to arrange the body so that each area remains comfortable during your session. Functional alignment focuses on safety and optimal performance.
  • Aesthetic: This type of alignment doesn’t help with safety or injury prevention: Its purpose is simply to help you look better in your alignments. However, aesthetic alignment is rarely the focus of Yoga Alignment classes, as the “aesthetic” shapes are not always healthy or attainable for every individual.
Alignment Techniques

Benefits of Yoga Alignment

Proper alignment is incredibly important to ensure a safe, strong, and enjoyable yoga practice. Key benefits of Yoga Alignment include:

1. Reduced risk of injury

2. Optimized power for maximum results

3. Improved energy levels

4. Reduced muscle fatigue

5. Improved strength

6. Better appearance in your practice

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