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Pricing in Los Angeles

(for 60 mins. Discounts for longer durations.)

1. Flow $99.99

Fluid movement through energetic postures matched with breath to create strength and focus

2. Alignment $99.99

Focuses on precise way to do poses to maximize their benefits and minimize the risk of injury

3. Restorative $99.99

Opens body through passive stretching using long holds to allow your muscles to relax deeply

4. Prenatal $99.99

Poses for pregnant women to develop proper breathing and increase strength and flexibility

5. Meditation $99.99

Nonjudgmental focusing of mind on an object or activity to achieve focus, mental stability and clarity

1.Create Request

Choose preferred gender of teacher, location and time on the app and send booking request to local yoga teachers


2.Yoga Teachers Respond

The certified and experienced yoga teachers on our platform either accept your request, or propose alternate times.

3.Session Confirmed

If a teacher accepts one of your requested start times, the booking gets confirmed automatically. If they proposed alternate times, you have the option to confirm them or not.

service-3 Confirmed

4.Relax and Enjoy

Your confirmed yoga teacher will arrive at your location 5-10 minutes before the start of your session

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