What to expect

What to expect during your sports massage

The massage therapist will typically ask about your goals to understand how to treat you. Once established, your sports massage may include movement, resistance exercise, stretching, and mobilisations suited to your objectives.

Sports massage techniques

During your sports massage, your therapist will use five main strokes:

  • Effleurage: Smooth, flowing strokes to relax the soft tissue and stimulate blood flow.
  • Petrissage: Squeezing, rolling, or kneading to reach the deeper layers of soft tissue.
  • Friction: Deep pressure applied in small circular or cross-fiber movements to penetrate deeper tissues.
  • Tapotement: Stimulating technique involving rhythmic tapping, drumming, or cupping of the tissue.
  • Vibration: A fine trembling movement which leads to relaxation, improved nerve function, and muscle relaxation.
Sports Techniques

Benefits of sports massage

Sports massage can be helpful to athletes pre and post-event, with different goals in mind. Pre-event sports massages are used to help the body prepare for upcoming physical activity by:

1. Strength & flexibility

Activates and stretches muscles, simultaneously toning and releasing tension for better overall performance.

2. Stress relief

Lowers cortisol levels and increases oxytocin, the happiness hormone, to ease pre-event jitters.

3. Injury prevention

Causes an increase in oxygen and blood flow to the muscles, making them less likely to weaken and fatigue.

Post-event sports massages are a great tool to support recovery. They aid the body by:

1. Reduced problems related to DOMS

Relieves tight muscles, resulting in decreased muscle soreness and tightness.

2. Quicker recovery from injury

Assists in the healing of damaged muscle fibers by increasing blood circulation, supplying oxygen and abundant nutrients to the damaged muscles.

3. Improved mental state

Allows athletes time to relax and unwind and produces feel-good hormones.

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