How repeat discount works


There’s this coffee shop in Greenwich Village I’ve been going to for years to get my caffeine fix. Being a coffee addict that I am, one cup is never quite enough. I’m grateful they do not punish me for loving their product by charging me higher for the second!

Quite the opposite, the refill comes at a significant discount to the first cup.

Our dynamic pricing is based on the same simple idea.

Every time you take a class through Bigtoe, the app rewards you by giving you an additional discount on all similar classes at that studio for a week!

The exact additional discount depends on the studio but combined with the flexibility – not only can you take discounted classes at any studio but Bigtoe credits also never expire – we are trying to take away as many reasons as we can for why you might not be going to classes as often as you would like to!

We appreciate the desire for variety in our Yoga/fitness regime, and that’s what Bigtoe helps you achieve. However, we’ve also seen that based on the studio location, offerings and teachers, most customers gravitate towards a small set of 2-5 studios. The additional discount makes it easier to keep revisiting your favorite studios, should you choose to.

The studio owners I’ve talked to love nothing more than a vibrant community, and because repeat discount gently encourages repeat customer visits, it is also aligned with the studios’ interests.

- Deepak Tayal



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