Pop-up Yoga at Artists & Fleas


BigToe Yoga was honored to partner with Artists & Fleas to bring free Yoga and meditation to the community at their Soho location. We ran a 4-month series featuring over 20 classes that provided over 500 people with free access to Yoga and meditation.

The team at Artists & Fleas, led by Anna and Samantha, did a terrific job in organizing their beautiful event space to make it ambient for conducting the classes, and in streamlining access to it throughout the store. We are grateful to them for making our jobs easy!

Here's what Anna Ward, Director of External Relations at Artists & Fleas, had to say about our partnership - "BigToe created a perfect experience within our shop. They brought in new customers and engaged our shoppers by giving them a delightful Yoga experience. People raved about the classes - they couldn't get enough!"

Samantha Hoar, Soho Market Manager at Artist & Fleas, also had kind words to say - "When we first learned that BigToe Yoga was our new neighbor, a collaboration between us made perfect sense. Offering a series of Yoga classes at the Artists & Fleas event space was an amazing way for us to bring our two communities together. The teachers were all so wonderful and the vibes these classes created in our store were truly magical. We look forward to working with BigToe Yoga again in the near future!"

About Artists & Fleas

Artists & Fleas is a collective retail experience committed to community, discovery and delight in shopping - featuring art, design, fashion and vintage from 150+ independent merchants.

Please contact us at info@bigtoe.fit if you would like us to partner with your organization.

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