Super Power Vinyasa Workshop

A challenging advanced flow designed to strengthen and stretch the body — and mind. Move out of your comfort zone. Focus on engaging and strengthening your deep (transverse) abdominal muscles. Connect to your ujjayi breath as you move and sweat through challenging core integrated sequences that will help you tap into your highest potential. An opportunity to help relieve lower back pain, gain strength and balance in your body. Prior yoga experience is recommended. Rock out your flow to dance & pop. You’ll leave feeling strong, energized, and inspired.

Janel DuRoss has had extensive training and has acquired several certifications since stepping into yoga ten years ago. She is now known as an “anatomy connoisseur”, who not only teaches you how to move, but why you need to move in a specific way. She is extremely tuned in to her students’ alignment and focuses on movements that relieve the pain and stiffness that often comes from sitting in front of our computers for long periods of time.

Janel has a light and encouraging spirit that makes students feel welcome wherever they are in their yoga practice. She is a firm believer in the importance of the “Beginners Mind” – to always be learning, always be growing. She believes this mindset makes one a better person as a whole.

Price: $30

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