The first half of workshop is based on Vinyasa flow with a specific theme and rest on Restorative Yoga. Music that touches the soul. Asana practice to get the energy flowing. Restorative poses and Reiki to revitalize the system. Ending with a beautiful Savasana.


Twisting Poses
Upper Body Strength
Shoulder Flexibility
Balancing Poses
Folding Poses
Hip Mobility Poses
Twists & Binds
Sitting & Laying Poses
Backbending Poses
Body Alignment
Chakra Balance



Sage Hall moved to NYC to study at the Alvin Ailey American Dance Center. Sage danced professionally with the Linda Diamond Dance Company. After leaving the dance world, Sage found a passion for martial arts receiving a Black belt in Pakua Kung fu and Sensei level at Harmony by Karate. Seeking to explore the healer archetype, Sage began a deeper study into spirituality, and on that journey discovered Reiki, Crystals, Shamanism, Tantra, Shiatsu, Psychic readings and Yoga. Sage has a Yoga Teacher Certification From Fire Dragon Yoga and Riya Yoga and is a trained Empath, Medium, a Reiki Master/Teacher and Ordained interfaith minister.


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