Teacher Partnership Program

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Set Your Own Schedule

Teach when and how often you want instead of solely relying on getting hired, and provide Yoga classes to those under-served by the studio's regular schedule.

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Meet Your Goals

Designed to work whether you are a popular teacher looking to earn more, or a new teacher looking for more opportunities to teach.

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Let The App Help You

The teacher's app will help you create your class schedule, promote your classes and check-in your customers with just a tap or two.

An awesome Yoga class needs a willing student, dedicated teacher and a nice space. This unique teacher partnership program connects entrepreneurial teachers to a beautiful space and a student population who are always looking for more choice of teachers and classes.

The program seeks to drastically cut the cost of securing a space and to give unmatched incentives to the teachers seeking to build their customer base. Once vetted and approved, you will be able to create your own schedule seamlessly from the teacher's app and set your own price. Your class will be visible to our students automatically on their app, as well as on our website and other lead generation platforms we are on.

If you would like more information on the requirements to become an approved teacher under this program, please fill out the following form.

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