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Sacred Sounds Yoga

Sacred Sounds Yoga is a Mecca of tranquility set in the hustle and bustle of Greenwich Village. The classes promote health of mind, body, and spirit through love, life, laughter and practice.


Address: 163 Bleecker st, 2nd Floor, New York NY 10012

Phone: (212) 533-9642

How to get there

Take the A/B/C/D/E/F/M to W 4th St, 1 to Houston St or 6 to Bleecker St.


Class Types

Click on a class type to learn more.

Basics Flow

An ideal class for our newest yogis! A vinyasa-inspired introduction to the fundamentals of yoga that introduces ideal postures (asanas), hand movements (mudras) and breathing (pranayama). Class is conducted at a gentler pace.

Candlelit Chakra Flow

A Friday night special. Each week, this class uses a combination of vibe-inducing music, focused flow, and guided intentions to work with the energy of a specific chakra. In a warm studio lit only by candles with a carefully curated essential oil mist, you will be led through a breath-centered open-level vinyasa practice focused on building strong foundations, cultivating connection, and fostering stability.

Candlelit Flow

Set to music and lit only by candles, a soulful vinyasa class that builds heat, strength and flexibility while allowing the mind to achieve a deeper meditation, enhanced by the darkness. Attention is paid to the alignment of the physical form as well as to the subtle energy body.

Candlelit Slow Flow

A breath-centered, mindful and alignment-based vinyasa class in a dim, candlelit space, where the teacher gives you a lot of options to make the practice more challenging or more restorative depending on your mood. The class ends with a restorative pose to release all the tensions and stress of the…

Community Class

Denoted with a “(C)” on our class schedule, our community classes are taught by our recent teacher training graduates. You can donate $1, $5, $10, $20 or another amount. 50% of the proceeds benefit Planned Parenthood.

Core Flow

Want to find your inner strength and power? A vigorous, core-focused class with fundamental asanas sequenced throughout, you will definitely feel the midline of your body in this class. Whether you’re looking for firmer abs, working to alleviate back pains or striving to elevate your practice as a whole, this is the class for you! All levels welcome!

Intermediate Flow

A dynamic and challenging class for those who strive to deepen a regular yoga practice. Explore more advanced poses and creative sequences, using strength and flexibility, at a more energetic tempo.

Kids Yoga

Yoga is a fun way for kids to build strength, spirit and self-esteem. We foster creativity, cooperation and confidence in a safe environment where all kids are perfect just the way they are!

Mysore Ashtanga

Mysore Ashtanga is a specialized and highly personalized approach to teaching. Each student is taught the sequence of postures individually; given a one-on-one lesson within a group class. Every student is supported in an ongoing program that is appropriate for beginners and advanced practitioners alike.

Open Flow

An open-level class where energizing postures that develop strength and flexibility are combined with coordinated breath and movement to release tensions held in the body. Modifications are given so that every pose is accessible to students of varying levels.

Pelvis Breath and Spine – A Class For All Women

This class will include some anatomy (which may involve videos, art projects and more), some discussion on the key topics of the day, which would always be centered around pelvic floor health, some breath work and gentle yoga poses.

Prenatal Yoga

A gentle class designed to ease the aches and pains of mommies-to-be in a nurturing and supportive environment. Class will focus on special breathing techniques and opening the hips, preparing the body for labor and post-partum recovery, as well as maintaining flexibility and muscle strength.

Restorative Yoga + Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra, often called the art of conscious relaxation, is a healing practice which has been used to reduce anxiety, depression, pain, insomnia, and a number of other modern disease states. It is a unique meditation done on the back that helps to quiet the overactive mind and unwind the nervous system. Class will begin with slow movement and gentle, restorative stretches to release tightness and blockages in the major muscle groups and energy lines. Focus will be on removing the deep rooted tensions and stresses stored in the physical, mental, and emotional bodies through the practice of mindfulness and meditation.

Stretch + Relax Yoga

A class that emphasizes the deep and juicy stretch of all major muscles and connective tissues through a series of slow movements and breath awareness. We seek ways to release tightness in your body, whether it’s in your hips and shoulders or hamstrings and quads. We end the class with relaxing, resting pose to prepare your body and mind for the new week!

Toddler Yoga

Toddlers will begin to explore how yoga helps them feel good about themselves and others, and learn how to enjoy the world around them. They will learn how many yoga poses (asanas) are based on how animals stretch, move and relax.

Tween + Teen Aerial Yoga

Aerial yoga helps tweens and teens discover the freedom of finding stability outside the conventional means of grounding. This class is a nurturing, positive environment for tweens and teens to work on skills that encourage enhanced body connection, compassion to self and others, curiosity and body awareness. Students will utilize the aerial silk to explore movement and breath in a safe, fun and creative way. Through the practice, students will strengthen their tactile, proprioceptive and vestibular systems, which help lay the foundation for the body awareness, balance and motor skills that contribute to an overall sense of organization and well-being in the world.

Tween + Teen Yoga

Yoga helps tweens and teens build the groundwork to live a healthy lifestyle in a safe and non-competitive space. It is a perfect compliment to their busy academic and extracurricular schedule, connecting them with others and themselves in a fun and nurturing environment, and leaving them refreshed and ready for the outside world. Our tween and teen yoga class is held at the same time as an adults class so that parents and caregivers can take class too!

Unnata® Aerial Yoga

Unnata is the Sanskrit word for “elevated,” meaning both elevated in spirit and physically elevated. Using a yoga hammock, students work with gravity to explore, refine and advance traditional yoga postures both in the air and on the ground. Relax and realign the body, center the mind and uplift the spirit!

Yin Yoga

The perfect compliment to your dynamic (yang) yoga practices and busy city life! Focusing on long-held passive floor poses combined with breath work and meditation, yin yoga is a deep practice that targets the connective tissues, such as the ligaments, bones, and even the joints of the body that are not exercised in a more active style of asana practice, and helps students not only to open the body, but also to cultivate a meditative component of practice. All levels are welcome!

Yoga4cancer (Y4C)

A gentle class that includes meditation, breathing exercises and soothing yoga sequences for yogis during and after cancer treatment. All stages are welcome, and prior yoga experience is not necessary.




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