Park Yoga NYC

We are a young growing community that offers an oasis from the sometimes challenging NYC city life. Come practice yoga, make friends having fun and be a part of our community! We are always doing different activities, events and parties before and after yoga. Our focus is on connection, first with yourself, then with others.


Address: 90 Kent Ave, Brooklyn, NY, 11249

How to get there

We practice in the park, which is between the Smorgasburg and the Soccer fields on the water, Kent and N 9th St. We practice close to the water on the right side of the park (facing the water) to the right of the picnic tables on the grass under one of the trees.


Class Types

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Yoga in the Park

Our practice comes from the Yogananda Kriya yoga lineage, which is based in ancient Vedic and Tantric wisdom and techniques. Asanas (Postures) which most westerners think Yoga is, is only one limb of the 8 limbs of yoga. The type of postures we do come from Hatha and in our daily Yoga journeys we will always use techniques from at least 3 different limbs of yoga and up to 7 in one. We will always start from stillness, centering our selfs with ancient meditation/breathing techniques (Kriya / Pranayama) first before going into the postures and then through out the practice various other techniques can be used.

This approach to Yoga is much more holistic and true to the original teachings and practices. This yoga will really take your practice to the next level if you’ve only done studio yoga, no matter where your practice currently is..




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