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OM Movement

Welcome to OM Movement! Enjoy our space knowing its foundation was set with intention and purpose. During our build out in 2016, we embedded healing crystals and intentions of light and love into the foundation of our space.


Address: 2895 McFarlane Rd, 2nd Floor, Miami FL 33133

Phone: (786) 452-8428

How to get there

Public Parking: Between the Sonesta and Peacock Café

Street Parking: Along McFarlane Rd and Grand Avenue


Class Types

Click on a class type to learn more.

Fluidus Method Yoga

The Fluidus Method is a system of transformative postural alignment practices that maximizes strength and flexibility while preparing you to move well and live well in all aspects of life.

Created by renowned yoga and movement teachers Jason Lawner and Carlos Tao, The Fluidus Method yoga classes emphasize precise postural alignment and physical actions in carefully chosen poses, movements and exercises. This all-encompassing method heals, fortifies and optimizes the body, mind and heart.

Expect a challenging, healing and heart-felt practice that draws out your full potential of being while developing the tools needed to live in the world as skillfully as possible.

In Motion

This class is all about transferable skill. Building a handstand without getting into one (maybe even off your hands!), working on running endurance without running, ect...

Based off the Movement Culture practice, created by Ido Portal, we will play with: gymnastics, locomotion flow, active stretching, joint preparation, and other forms of fitness.

Physical and mental puzzles in order for you to have a conversation with yourself. The practice borrows from different arts, sports, and activities; as well as games to challenge the body and mind.

Taking from the movement library we already posses as humans, come find a way to express through motion. You’ll be surprised at what you’re able to do already. All levels and practices are welcomed!


"Originating in Russia, a kettlebell is a centuries-old training tool that looks like a cannon ball with a handle. Kettlebell training is different than other forms of weight training because many parts of the body are exercised simultaneously, and in addition kettlebell training elevates the heart rate for effective cardiovascular training.

This 45 minute class will give fast results for strength, endurance and muscle toning by challenging both the muscular and cardiovascular systems with dynamic, total body movements."

Mat Pilates

This 45-minute Pilates mat class is a series of exercises matched with the breath to develop core strength, muscle stability and overall flexibility. Designed by Joseph Pilates, these linear exercises target the abdominal wall and other specific muscle groups like the glutes and thighs. Christine adds her personal touch with creative sequencing, strong alignment awareness and breath connection. This class is a great addition to any exercise regime, safe for all and no class is ever the same!

Mommy & Me Yoga

Mommy & Me Yoga

OM Calisthenics

The perfect compliment to your yoga practice is here. Learn how to move your body through time and space using elements of traditional gymnastics as well those of more modern "street workouts". Improve strength and mobility using bodyweight exercises and progressions that anyone can try. In this All-Levels class we'll use Parallettes, Bars and Rings to work on L-Sits, Pull-Ups, Muscle-Ups, Handstands and more!

OM Flow

A Vinyasa Yoga class with meticulous awareness of alignment, movement, form and breath for all skill levels. A playful fusion of various styles of yoga, punctuated with transformative sequencing that's both challenging and fun for mind and body.

OM Fusion

The tone and burn of barre meets the flow of yoga in this fast-paced full body workout. OM Fusion incorporates equipment like hand weights, resistance bands, and kettlebells seamlessly into the structure of a traditional vinyasa class, working through both small and large ranges of motion for a powerful practice that will challenge your strength and flexibility.

OM Heated Power Yoga

Open, cleanse, strengthen and energize your body with this dynamic heated power yoga class. This class incorporates sequencing familiar to students, but also employs variations to modify, intensify, and challenge the body by altering the pace and/or duration of poses as well as the frequency in which they are repeated. Blocks and/or weights are also used for added sculpting benefits!

OM Hybrid

The ultimate balance between yoga and strength workouts to maximize your practice.

Optimize your movement practice with yoga & functional movement workout. Get strong, lean and supple with weights, cardio & mobility. Restore & Bliss out with Yoga poses and meditation.

OM Movement signature class

OM Movement signature class

OM Lil' Movers

A conscious and playful yoga class for children to learn, discover and explore self-expression, social skills and confidence.

Your child will learn to focus through movement, breathing and relaxation techniques.

This is a high-energy release incorporating singing, drawing, stories, and many fun mindful games.

OM Power Yoga

A full body experience for all body types, this practice is vigorous, dynamic, physical and spiritual. A conscious and mindful way to tone every muscle in the body intelligently sequenced. Includes multiple elements of various different yoga styles. Sweat, get strong and get Zen.

OM Restorative

Restore the body and renew the spirit as you quiet the mind with this passive, gentle style of yoga. The class is ideal for everyone from beginners, advanced yogis to those recovering from injuries.

The sequence of poses are supported by combinations of bolsters, folded blankets and blocks to help support and ease the body into poses that are held for 5 to 12 minutes and may comprise of twists, forward folds, backbends, hip openers and inversions (head lower than the heart).

The practice increases circulation into target areas as it activates the parasympathetic nervous system reinvigorating both the mind and body and reducing stress.

OM Vinyasa

An athletic approach to yoga techniques characterized by flowing poses and sequences that are linked to the breath. Classes are diverse and sequencing will vary.

OM Yin

Yin Yoga uses the ancient Taoist principals of yin and yang to help you increase joint flexibility and to nurture your “yin” tissues (ligaments, fascia and all connective tissues). This class will help you to cultivate a deeper inner awareness with it’s slower pace and focus on breath.

Most poses are performed on the mat and are held, comfortably for a longer period of time than regular yoga classes. This class counterbalances any “Yang” or high intensity type of practice and It is a great practice to add to your weekly yoga or fitness routine as it focuses on nurturing the connective tissues ( yin tissues).

All levels welcome!

OM Yoga Basics

This class is for students new to yoga, those returning from an injury or hiatus, or those wanting a refresher on the fundamentals of yoga.

The class will guide you in developing an understanding of the physical poses, breathing techniques, meditation and philosophy of yoga. A new awareness and consciousness is reached by breaking down the physical practice and linking the movements with both the breath and the basic spiritual principles of yoga.

Students gain familiarity with the practice, gain strength, stability and concentration all while elevating their practice. Each class weaves one of the spiritual laws of yoga into the instruction, making each session unique while nurturing a student’s lifelong practice.

Modifications are given, questions encouraged and all are welcome!

Weekly Saturday Run & Yoga Stretch

We will be having a weekly Complimentary Saturday Run let by Stephanie Diaz a/k/aThe Cookie Runner.

Meet up is at the studio at 8:00am for a 5k followed by a Yoga Stretch after the run at the studio.

Yoga for Athletes

Yoga for Athletes by Red Cheetah Yoga is a dynamic flow of hip and shoulder opening poses that is designed to increase mobility, pain-free range of motion, and coordination in athletes from all disciplines.

RCY’s unique sequence is never the same twice, and is specifically targeted to rehabilitate aches and injuries specific to the athletic community, from football players, to marathoners, the sport of fitness, and everything in between. Experience a blend of flowing through repetitive sequences designed to heal muscles and joints, and long holds to get deeper access to what’s possible.




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