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Loom Yoga - Bushwick

Loom Yoga Bushwick is blessed to host a variety of classes each week including various styles of yoga, pilates, meditation and specialty workshops. Their teachers come from around the world and are free to structure their classes with their own personal style; providing their students with a range of experiences and options. They are focused on continually developing new classes and opportunities for our students to develop their practice and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Address: 1087 Flushing Ave shop #117 Brooklyn NY 11237

Phone: (646) 504-0121

How to get there

Loom Yoga is located at 1087 Flushing Avenue shop #117, inside Shops at the Loom, between Knickerbocker Avenue and Porter Avenue


Class Types

Click on a class type to learn more.

Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga is a hybrid combining traditional Asana with aerial silks.

Training on an aerial apparatus complements the physicality of yoga postures. Shoulders are stabilized while being stretched, core abdominal muscles can be strengthened and spinal flexibility becomes comfortable to explore. The pull of gravity will enable proper alignment and allow you to experience familiar postures from a new perspective.

No previous aerial or Yoga experience is necessary. Those who are pregnant, have recent shoulder injuries/surgery, or eye problems/glaucoma should consult their health care practitioner prior to attending class.

All Flow

This moderately paced vinyasa flow class is suited for most, from those who have only recently hit the mat to the most advanced of practitioners.

Teachers will offer modifications that allow students to choose a more beginning or advanced practice according to their needs as well as mindful suggestions on alignment and technique.

All Flow classes allow you the opportunity to move within your own journey while being inspired by students of many different levels.

Gentle Flow

This more nuanced vinyasa flow class is recommended for all levels of practitioners seeking a steady and integrated experience. Asanas are practiced at a slower pace with mindful suggestions for alignment and details of technique. This class is open to any practitioners curious to explore their mind body connection in new ways. Rejuvenate your natural rhythm and harmony by building awareness of the breath and gradually strengthening and stretching the body.

Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga is open to students to all levels who want to explore the practice of slowing down the mind and body through through a series of deeply restful, supported postures. Poses are held for longer periods of time to encourage the body to release and open in a more passive way. Emphasis will set on body and breath awareness. This meditative class is intended to leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed.

Strong Flow

A challenging vinyasa flow class recommended for those with an established yoga practice, whether in a studio setting or a consistent home practice. Students will focus on linking conscious breath with movement while working towards more complex poses and building strength, flexibility and focus. Warm up into a flow that encourages mindful growth within your practice and leave with a calm mind and satisfied body.




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