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+ What kind of yoga classes do you offer?

Vinyasa Flow represents about 80-90% of our classes. The rest of the classes are less flow-based and emphasize different aspects. You can find a brief description of the class types here.

+ I'm a beginner. What class should I take?

Awesome! Our Rookie Yoga class is specially designed for you.

+ I'm a beginner but my schedule doesn't allow me to take a Rookie Yoga class.

Beginners who are in reasonably good physical shape can take an open level class if they listen to their body and stop if it feels uncomfortable. If you haven't worked out in a long time, we recommend you start with a level 1 or 1/2 class.


+ Why and how do you keep your prices low?

We truly believe that yoga can dramatically improve people's lives, and that everyone should have access to high-quality and affordable yoga. Our proprietary app and efficient business processes allow us to minimize our overheads thereby helping us fulfill our most important goal.

+ No but really, these prices are incredibly low. What's the catch?

(Yes, we get this question often!) None. You get to take classes with top-quality teachers at possibly the lowest prices in Manhattan.

+ Can I just buy one class and how much is it?

Yes, you can buy one class for $15. Most people buy 5-class packs simply because it brings down the price to $12 per class and our classes never expire. Book your class easily on our app.

+ Seems your 5-class pack is for $60. What if I'm ready to buy more?

Our app gives you the option to buy 25 and 50-class packs (You actually buy credits on the app but the effect is the same). These class packs allow you to pay even less. Buying a 50-class pack, for example, lets you take a class for just $11.75. And as always, our class packs never expire.


+ Do I need the app to come to a class?

If you do not have the app, we will be happy to get you checked in at our studio.

+ What's the deal with your app?

Our app allows you to easily pay for the classes, follow your favorite teachers and book their classes. Our efficient use of technology means you don't have to wait in long lines at the front desk and you are in and out of the classes fast. Through the app, you can also provide ratings to classes and check out the most popular teachers.

+ How do I rate a class?

After you've taken a class, go to the "My schedule" tab ,and click on "Past". You will be able to provide a rating after selecting your class there.


+ I heard about your pop-up classes. Can you do something similar at my space?

All that a Yoga class needs is a willing student, a dedicated teacher and a nice space. Please contact us if you have a nice space that you would like to utilize for the benefit of your community by providing Yoga or meditation classes.