Your Yoga practice lasts a long time. Your Yoga credits should be no different.

Studio Classes



60 Credits

3-4 Classes* at any studio


150 Credits

8-10 Classes at any studio


300 Credits

16-20 Classes at any studio

*most classes in NYC cost 15-18 credits to book

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Credits never expire

Credits never expire and offer 20-40% off retail drop-in prices. Use them to book classes and purchase additional credits any time.

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Option to buy one class

If you are not yet ready to buy credits, you can just buy one class at any studio, typically at a smaller discount off the drop-in price at the studio.

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Sensible cancellation Policy

We never ask you to pay on top of what you have already paid in case of last-minute booking cancellation or a no-show.

Private Classes

1-to-1 Yoga Class = $60

Up to 2 people at no additional cost

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