4 reasons why visitors love Bigtoe


What makes Bigtoe the ideal app for millions of visitors to NYC when it comes to finding and booking the right Yoga or fitness class? Here are the top four reasons!

All classes in one place

With sightseeing and Broadway shows packed into their itinerary, travelers are typically too busy to research dozens of Yoga and fitness studios. The Bigtoe app not only shows them everything they need to know to make a decision - be it the location of studios and the type of classes or teachers they offer - but also gives them discounted prices and the ability to book classes seamlessly with a click or two.

No membership or subscription

Most visitors are not interested in buying subscriptions or memberships they cannot use. Bigtoe offers a subscription-free pricing where customers can pay for an individual class or buy a credit pack that allows them to book yoga, pilates or barre classes at many studios in town.

Repeat discount

In addition to the discounted pricing on the Bigtoe app, customers get a repeat discount if they loved a studio enough to go back to it within a week. Best of all, they do not have to make this decision in advance. They can just go back to the app after taking a class to get the super discounted prices.

Credits don’t expire

Bigtoe is the only app where credits do not expire. If a visitor chose to buy a credit pack on the app and was not able to use them fully, they do not need to sweat - not for this reason anyway! Their credits will remain in their account waiting to be used on their next visit to New York.


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