Why is Meditation boring?


The mind loves to be entertained.

Ever since birth, the mind has been allowed to do what it wants. Constantly jumping from past to future, remembering, planning, daydreaming, fantasizing, always clinging to phenomena to avoid being in the present. The present is silent, and silence is not entertaining.

Meditation is done in silence and solitude. How boring! Silence and solitude are essential in the development of mind. It is vital for everyone to set aside time everyday for reflection and contemplation, if they want to grow as a human being.

When we meditate, we are trying to develop the mind and eradicate eons of accumulated bad habits. Like an unruly child, the mind will rebel when the entertainment is restrictedIt may hallucinate, induce sleep, generate anger and other emotions, all in an attempt to avoid silence.

The mind hates to be trained because the process of training is boring, even though the mind knows the outcome to be beneficial. That is why I recommend that beginners start with a very short period of practice, maybe 10–12 minutes every day, and gradually condition the mind to get used to silence and solitude.

Sam is a meditation teacher at BigToe Yoga. You can contact him by commenting below or through his website www.the-dhamma-works.com.



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