1-TO-1 YOGA CLASS = $60

Up to 2 people at no additional cost

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$60 for Private Yoga Class

Choose your home, office or hotel gym as the address for a flat price of $60 a class for up to 2 people. Or choose our studio for an extra $15/person (min. $30). Liked the teacher? Book another class with them easily.

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Optional Subscription Plans

Want to pay even lower? Choose a no-commitment low-cost subscription plan on the app and get 20% off on all classes! Think of it like Sam's club where a low-cost membership gives you discount on everything in the store!

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Make Your Class Public

If you choose our studio as the location of your class, the app will give you an option to make your class semi-private and let other people see and join the class (max 7 people). Great option if you’d like to defray the cost.


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